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Eat That Frog! in every business.


To bring Eat That Frog! to every business, so everyone can make more money in less time. We measure our success by training that is free plus a profit! and our clients receive fast, measurable results with an immediate return on investment!


It is our responsibility to provide well for our self, our families, our clients and our companies.

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Eat That Frog! 
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Preparation and Commitment
"You've got four seconds to make
a first impression, so you best be looking your best"

- Daniel Tolson
Daniel has also parnered with Mead Johnson a $16.4 Billion Company to Promote Nutrition in China. 

See him at 1:11

Mead Johnson Nutrition
“One mental block or self-limiting belief is enough to sabotage your entire success.” 

Daniel Tolson
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