"I have shown my clients how to quickly add over $100,000,000 of revenue to their bottom line over the past five years."

"His clients have grown their revenues by $100,000,000 
whilst everyone else is either going backwards or broke!" 
Hear from our clients.....
Sharnee Bennett
"I discovered how to tackle that one big thin and get it over with"
Sarah Morgan
"I broke through so many challenges" 
Katherine Amber Murray 
"I learned key strategies for time management"
Micheal O'Keeffee
"I discovered a lot of self-limiting beliefs holding me back" 
Teresa Gratkowski
"Daniel showed me how to let go" 
Emmanuel Martin
"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur"
Raza Khan 
"The best experience I've had in my life"
Kylie De Brias Backer  
"It'll change the way you think and feel" 
Joanna Bacon
"I've have eliminated my fears and mental blocks"
James Lavelle 
"It's what we don't know that holds us back" 
Jo Eva
"My mental blocks caused me to be stuck, now they're gone"
Sue Foord 
"I'm earning the money that I dreamed of" 
Daniel Tolson

"You should be taking more time off and 
making more money every year"
Who is Daniel Tolson?
Daniel is Australias #1 business coach specialising in Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Planning. He has consulted with thousands of clients to help them quickly add more than $100,000,000 of revenues to their bottom line. 

Daniel has also competed with the world's top athletes at the extreme games, is a former Australian champion wakeboarder and he's also led a team of more than 17,000 cabin crew members. 

 As a business coach, Daniel combines his years of business and leadership experience with the time-tested and proven FocalPoint business coaching systems.  Daniel has been featured in....
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Guranteed Increases in Sales and Income

“Whether you work with Daniel in a group training or hire him as your business coach you’re guaranteed to increase your sales and income quickly in the months ahead.”  

Brain Tracy

“Thank you very much to Daniel Tolson, we have been working with Daniel Tolson for the past 90 days, and it’s been an amazing journey. I have increased my monthly turnover and personal income from $50,000 per month to over $100,000 per month, and I think a lot of that is thanks to Daniel and the methods he uses.

I highly recommend it to anyone out there”. 

Adam Buchert

+ €1,000,000

Within one week of  completing the NLP Practitioner Training and Certification with The Tolson Institute, Lisa closed on a +€1,000,000 deal in her manufacuring company in Italy. 

Lisa Insole
300% ROI
"I have had a Return oOn Investment of 300% since completing the $100,000 PRoven Growth System with Daniel Tolson".

Carianne Reynolds
£10,000 Return on Investment

At “Eat That Frog!” Matthew learned that time management was about finding balance in his life. The activities he did at the event helped him think deeply about what was going on in his life. He learned that the things that came into his mind first were the most important to him. Knowing this, it was easy to prioritize his life.  

Over time, Matthew had been slowly changing his mindset in regards to time management, but “Eat That Frog!” really got him moving. The day after the event, he began to write down his goals. He has checked goals off the list and uses it as a reminder of what he wants so that he can work towards his larger goals every day. 

Having a plan has helped him work more effectively and efficiently in his business. He was surprised to find that even his relationships and home life benefited. Instead of just thinking about his goals in these areas, Matthew was finally able to take real action towards them. He thinks the training he did with Daniel Tolson would easily be worth ten thousand pounds (£10,000) because of the value it has brought to his entire life. 

Matthew Channing 
$40,000,000 In New Sales

In his first meeting after attending “The Success Breakthrough,” he got several referrals from his highly satisfied clients. Suddenly, in the space of about 40 minutes, he picked up five or six properties in a new area. He says that the coaching he received from Daniel, who was excellent at listening and understanding him, was priceless. 

Michael O'Brien
Influencing Her Community 

Once Jessica had replaced her mental blocks with positive mental attitudes, things quickly started falling into place for her. Within three weeks of attending the event, she was offered a much better job that would help her learn and grow. Jessica certainly had a passion for learning and growing, because she also attended Daniel’s “Eat That Frog!” event and learned how to become more efficient and follow through with her goals. 

Some of her friends, as well as her eleven-year-old son, have followed her example by setting and writing down their own goals, too. She has also been able to more effectively build rapport and help her clients as a family advisor. Now, she is studying to be a success coach so that she can help others live up to their full potential and lead the most meaningful and happy lives possible. 

 Jessica Carvo Martin
700% in 60 Days

“In the last 60 days that I’ve been working with Daniel Tolson I have increased my performance 5 fold, and in 2 weeks time, I will have increased it 7 fold. If you want performance enhancement, if you want to increase your potential to make a lot more money and reach those goals, speak to Daniel Tolson”.

Steven Garay
More Sales

Within 24 hours of working with Daniel Tolson, Hacy had her best closing month EVER!

Hacy Tobias
Talent Identified

For many years I did not invest enough in myself or my most important resource - my staff. Performance is not all about knowledge either, it is about a combination of discipline, skill set, balance and happiness.

I started with myself as the ‘guinea pig’ with one-on-one coaching through a cousin’s business coaching firm, The Tolson Institute. Then, once convinced of the value, I rolled training out to my two top managers in the form of one-on-one coaching - just like myself. Today, we do much more including two separate courses for the elite management and a course for supervisors, trainers and identified talent.

Kevin Tolson

Procrastination to Motivation

Nicky Masson, a network marketing professional and mother of two young boys, felt overwhelmed by her busy and ever-changing schedule. She attended the “Eat That Frog!” training course because she wanted to more effectively manage her time and get more done in a day. The strategies she learned at the event have created a remarkable difference in her business and her life.
One of the problems Nicky struggled with was procrastination. She found that she often focused on the tasks she enjoyed and put off less enjoyable tasks. At the “Eat That Frog!” event, she learned how to focus on urgent and income-building tasks first by making a to-do list in order of priority. She found that this pushed her out of her comfort zone and motivated her to do what needed to be done. 
Nicky Masson

Career Depression to 46% Profit Increase

Before coming to the Tolson Institute, Raza felt a bit depressed about his career. Daniel helped Raza recognize his negative and self-limiting thoughts and find strategies to improve his performance. This yielded excellent results. In the first four days after completing the business coaching event, Raza reached out to many of his previous clients. He brought those clients back to the market and increased his profit by an impressive 46 percent.

 The plans that Raza made while under Daniel’s mentorship didn’t stop at being a great employee. Daniel helped him think bigger. Now, Raza owns Raine & Horne Rouse Hill, one of the largest property management offices in his area. It’s an exciting time for his business, as he is ready to build on his strengths and help the business continue to grow exponentially. He has more financial freedom and is able to better support his family. Raza now knows the great importance of a clear and positive mindset. By changing his mindset, he gained clarity, and with clarity, he got amazing results.  

Raza Khan

50,000 Reach Increase 

During his time in Daniel Tolson’s coaching program, he learned that trying didn’t count – either he did something or he didn’t. He also learned that he could get substantially better results just by changing his beliefs. This lesson was confirmed when Simon decided to repost a Facebook ad that had only reached 16,000 people. Now, however, he believed it would reach thousands of people who would want to contact him. He changed a few words and reposted the ad, which reached 66,000 people – 50,000 more than before. 

Simon Miller

400% Productivity Increase

During the workshop, Sofia had a chance to try deep meditation. She reflected upon what was holding her back, what she was doing well and what she needed to change in order to achieve her goals. To increase her productivity, she learned to set a time limit for each task. Now, she can do in one hour what used to take her three or four hours. Both of her businesses are now booming, and she attributes this to the techniques she learned from Daniel Tolson. 
Incredibly, Sofia now has time to concentrate on running two businesses, working full-time as a hairdresser, spending time with friends and building her relationship with her partner. She has always had a lot of energy and passion for what she does, which tends to draw people in. Combining this with her increased productivity, she can now take on more clients and spend more time fostering her personal relationships as well.  

Sofia Barlow

My Life Was Broken 

I have recently completed my certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Coaching and TimeLine Therapy™ Techniques with Daniel Tolson. My experience of the training was an incredible journey where Daniel enabled me to explore my own abilities, build on them and also exposed me to the finest and highest quality of skills available anywhere in the market. Daniel was always professional and respectful of our individual differences and always maintained these standards in his interactions before, during and after the training.

This training and certification has genuinely given me a new lease on life, I new purpose personally and professionally. It has transformed me from a broken individual with no direction in my personal or professional life into an extremely confident and driven person who is now able and willing to eradicate any obstacles and achieve my goals faster than I would have ever thought possible. There have already been tremendous changes to my personal life and I am propelling my life towards that ultimate freedom I desire.

Looking forward, this training will enable to me build a successful international coaching business of my own, but not just the training and skills have gained so, but the continued support from Daniel and everyone at the Tolson Institute. Being able to go through this training myself and embody the skills available has and will allow me to go forward and share my story, encourage others to do the same and empower and help many people along the way. This is the highest quality training with genuine connection and support, where other strive for perfection, Daniel Tolson and The Tolson Institute strives for excellence.

Sherece Gates
Positive Mental Attitude

"Having recently started studying with Daniel, he inspirational, accessible and fun! Nothing is ever too much trouble and the encouragement and professionalism is amazing. I feel focussed and challenged by what I am learning but the positive mental attitude is the biggest change I have noticed. The Cadet Programme is worth whatever you want it to be as it is up to each person to reach and plan for their individual goals.

I would absolutely recommend The Cadet Programme for anyone wishing to achieve their goals and grow as a person. "

Janet Shreeve
I Learned So Much
Hi my name is Pip, I’m here in Birmhimgam at Eat That Frog with Daniel. We are having an amazing day we’ve learnt so much. So much self development and loads of great stuff to help my business. Thank you. 

Janet Shreeve
Positive Mental Attitude

It’s been a really interesting day so far loads of new stuff. Lots of emphasis about time management which I have to confess when I hear it first makes me go uhhh sounds boring. But its really interesting really useful great going

Emily Crabtree
I've Stuggled Over The Years

Hi, My name is Paul Ruddy. I’ve just finished off the NLP certification practitioner course. I’ve always been interested in NLP course years and years and years. I’ve never took the challenge to dive into and learn about it. Over the years I’ve really struggled over some key mindset issues, some mental blocks that we’ve tried to get around for years and years. Over the last 5 days, all I’ll say is I’ve totally left all those blocks. That’s been an absolutely amazing experience. Course value I’d say for the last 3,4, 5 years I’ve been procrastinating, I kept in the back burner and now I know I am gonna smash them and sell them in the marke 3,4,5 years and live a life of relief. If you know you are worth it go and do it coz it’s definitely worth it.

Paul Ruddy
£1,000,000 ROi

Hi, my name is Carianne I’ve just completed the NLP coaching practitioner course with Daniel Tolson. The investment I made, Daniel offered more than expectations. And for me personally I think this course is worth more than a million pounds in the coming years.

Carianne Reynolds
Becoming A Better Person

Leonie Blattman A huge thank you to Daniel and Nini for all my experiences in the course. If you are looking to change a lot and become a better person, this course is for you. Sign up today!

Leonie Blattman
It Is A System

Luke Schulz: My name is Luke and I have just completed the $100,000 proven growth system with Daniel Tolson, had an absolutely fantastic time. I have learned so many strategies and so many techniques which I am going to put into my business. Really excited for what lies ahead of me, so looking forwards to getting started into it and getting out there and implementing these strategies and techniques and seeing some massive results in my business moving forward. 

Luke Schulz
Do it!
Stephen Dyt It’s Valentine’s Day in Sydney. I have just been to the 100,000-dollar proven growth system run by Daniel Tolson from the Tolson Institute. It has been one of the best days of business training I have ever had. I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have gotten take-homes that I can work with today, tomorrow, and well into the future. It’s something that I would recommend any coach do, whatever coaching style, method, process whatever they do, they are going to learn a lot from it, they are going to get a lot from it and I recommend Daniel and his system to you. Do it, just do it, it's great. Thank you. 

Stephen Dyt
£15 to £75GBP Increase in Hourly Income

"Since increasing my Emotional Intelligence by 17% by income has risen by 400% in the past 6 months"  

Jo Eva
5X Increase in Hourly Income

"Since the completion of the course I have gone from strength to strength. I have a newfound confidence and a new lease of life, finally finding something that I believe in and knowing Daniel is 100% behind you is very reassuring. It has also made me more social, I now enjoy speaking to people and I am not being afraid of what people might think of me like I was before.
In term of financial rewards, this course has changed my life. I have 5X my hourly income since I qualified and know that in the next year it will have rewarded me by over £50000 and in the coming years £500000."
Sue Foord
Peace of Mind

From my first conversation with Daniel I felt understood and that understanding has transformed my life. After decades of being strangled and abused by my own self limiting beliefs, fears and stories I now have the peace of mind and the skill set that allows me to commit to and accomplish any goal or dream I desire. 

 I've worked with Daniel on a variety of platforms and each one has been priceless. When you make an investment to tap into Daniel's knowledge and abilities the only limitations you will have in your life are the one's you put on yourself.

Vanessa Harper

2X The Free Time

She used to struggle with self-discipline, but now she is moving forwards almost effortlessly, so she doesn’t even need to think about motivating herself. She has also become more organized and has experienced a huge gain in productivity. In fact, she feels like she has twice as much time as before. 

She’s simply amazed at how quickly she can get things done. Knowing that she is really making the most of her time is very rewarding to her.

Donna Allan
Let Go of Fear, Guilt and Sadness

Daniel Tolson guided Michael through NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques, where he was able to identify the past events that were causing his mental blocks. He found fear, guilt and sadness underneath the surface.

Micheal could see how these negative emotions, which were based on his past experiences, affected his sense of confidence and ability to be assertive. Understanding where these emotions came from helped Michael let go of his old, self-limiting beliefs. As a result, he became more positive, driven and focused on the future. 

Micheal O'Keeffe
She Can Now Put Herself First 

Since starting the business coaching, Jo’s behavior has changed significantly. She has learned to put herself first and take action without fear of rejection. The results have been amazing. She signed two people into her business in a week, which was more than she had ever been able to do when she had been afraid of hearing ‘no.’ She has even organized events and promoted her products on stage, something she never would have thought she’d be doing. 

She knows that if she hadn’t stepped out of her comfort zone, she wouldn’t be feeling so good today. Facing her fears has made her a stronger person, and she predicts that her business will grow significantly as a result. In terms of a monetary return on investment, Jo says Daniel Tolson's business coaching is worth £50,000-£100,000, but the skills and personal growth she has gained are priceless. 

Jo Eva
41% Increase in Productivitey 

Just one month after attending the “Rapport in Business” training, the results of this communication shift have been incredible. The team’s productivity increased by 41%. Previous to the training, it typically took 30 to 35 days to analyze and identify what clients needed. Now, it takes only 5 to 10 days. The team’s development time was also reduced because they understood exactly what their clients wanted.

This has had great implications for the business. The reduction in analysis and development time has resulted in cost saving for both the company and their clients. The shorter timeline is also much more desirable for clients. Finally, it has allowed the company to greatly increase its work capacity, reducing its backlog and taking on more projects. Revenues are soaring. 

Salmat Australia 
Time and Financial Freedom 

With clear goals in mind, she became more organized and was able to free up more time for the things that really mattered to her. She has found more time for her family. Being organized helps her commit to more one-on-one time with her loved ones. At the same time, she is able to focus her efforts on the most important tasks for her business as a consultant with Le Reve. Lyn has been actively looking for opportunities to demonstrate her products to others, and she has been getting a very positive response.

Her profits have increased as a result. Lyn has also been more active in her community, getting her daughter and other people she knows involved as well. She has even been able to put more thought into her environmental impact, making sure to recycle more often. It is clear that Lyn and the people around her have all benefitted from the skills and clarity Lyn gained from her time at the Tolson Institute. 

Lyn McRae

10 New Recruits in 30 Days

Natalie learned how to schedule her time so that she is completely focused on what she is doing at any given moment. This ensures she has enough time to work on her business, and at the same time, it has strengthened her relationship with her family. No longer trying to multitask, the time they spend together is uninterrupted by the buzzing of her phone. 

 At the event, Natalie learned to visualize her biggest goals. Every day, she imagines herself and her kids getting up in morning in the house she wants to own. Doing this every day, she has instilled in her mind that it will happen. Focusing on the long-term result makes her smaller goals easier to manage. Driven by her greatest goal, she went from running her business on her own to recruiting 10 people in less than a month. 
Natalie Hamblett

Raman Bagga is a great example of how a simple change in a mental attitude can yield amazing results. As a busy entrepreneur, professional and mother, she felt she was held back by the negative emotions she had been carrying around with her for years. After attending Daniel Tolson’s “Perform at Your Best” event, Raman experienced a complete change in her attitude.

Daniel’s mentoring and Time Line Therapy™ techniques helped her let go of her negative emotions and the many fears that held her back. Afterwards, there was nothing left but positivity and clarity. 

Raman Bagga

More Time for High Value Activities

Her time with the Daniel Tolson reinforced a lot of Rebecca’s previous knowledge on time management techniques. This confirmed to her that she was on the right track, giving her the confidence to continue on her path and improve even further. It also provided her with many new tips and techniques to improve her performance at work. The unique strategies she learned at “Eat That Frog!” touched her on multiple levels, both professionally and personally. She says the results were completely invaluable to her. Since attending “Eat That Frog!,” Rebecca has streamlined some of her processes and also delegated tasks that were taking away from her more important, income-generating activities. She now has considerably more time for her higher-value work. 
Rebecca regularly refers people to Daniel Tolson because she believes he has a unique, holistic approach that gets results. She says, “the strategies the techniques are so incredibly powerful” and that, instead of just focusing on sales and business performance, the strategies taught by Danel T “have implications for all the rest of your life as well.”

Rebecca Jarrett Dalton

Held Back by Fear

Tez Clark overcame his fear of contacting people and of moving forward in business by attending a success coaching program with Daniel Tolson. Tez’s fear of rejection was the biggest barrier hindering the development of his business. The coaching session he did with Daniel successfully eliminated this fear. Moreover, Tez feels that the coaching program unlocked his mind and pulled him out of many issues. He senses a significant increase in his confidence and now has an internal feeling of positive energy.

Using the psychology of success, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™ techniques that Daniel coached him through, Tez has experienced a great change in his emotions, anger, trust and confidence. 

His family life has been positively improved in terms of his relationships and connections with others, which also helps him in handling this network marketing business. With the business coaching program, Tez has learned to control his anger issues effectively. He has also gained vision and found a path towards a prosperous future. He is hopeful for great success in business. The leader inside him has emerged, and this is making him more confident than ever. 

Tez Clark


Jason knew that in order to become successful in selling his art, he had to develop a public persona. However, when he had started the course, he was shy and nervous. He noticed that his body was carrying a lot of stress. Simply as a result of the psychological and neuro-linguistic programming techniques he was shown, he started relaxing. It felt great and he’s never been the same since.
Even from the first day, Jason started experiencing a change in his mindset. When he went for a run, he felt powered. He was really enjoying it and pushing it, feeling a drive that he hadn’t had before. Now, he goes for a swim in the morning each day and tells himself repeatedly, “I’m going to smash this day!”

He works hard for ten hours each day and is no longer tired by the end of it. Now that he believes in his own abilities, he has big plans to start selling his artwork. Jason thinks the skills he is using now are things he was born with, but that had gone dormant. Daniel showed him how to bring those skills back into use and launch himself towards success.

Jason Andison

Oceroming my Nervousness

"I decided to embark on his NLP Coach Training as I felt it would help me to develop into a better business coach in order to assist my colleagues while at the same time help me to develop my own business and generate a larger income. I  have already learnt so much about my own psychological self and of other people and have so far found it fascinating. 

I now realise this course covers so much more than I had previously perceived. Being placed in The Cadet Programme is enabling me to slowly build and develop my skills and overcome my nervousness. I think this is a great supportive element to the course.

Having Daniel to ask questions of is really helpful as well. The cost of the programme is reasonable when compared to other personal developmental programmes and I feel that this particular programme takes you on a journey that delves much deeper into the unconscious mind than I have experienced before. 

I would definitely recommend this course to those seeking a deeper understanding into the psychological complexities of human behaviours."

Cindy Rowland
£500,000 ROI

"Hi, I’m Simon Miller. I’m here in Manchester, I just completed the NLP Practitioner course with The Tolson Institute. I’ve had an amazing value these last 5 days. Lots of techniques and tools I can take out into this world to be a business coach. And that to be is going to be worth at least 500000 pounds over the next 12 months. So if you feel you want to do something similar get in touch with The Tolson Institute with Daniel Tolson and do it today."

Simon Miller
Able to Achieve

Hi guys,today is the first day of Perform your Best, I’m feeling really great!I have my breakthrough, I can feel that from now on I’ll be able to achieve my goals and yeah I recommend that you guys contact Institute Tolson and Nini and Daniel for your future.."

Marci Augusto
Just Plug and Play

Today with Daniel Tolson has just been the most incredible experience where he has taken take us through not only a system that works and it is proven that he has tried and he has tested it, but he has also brought in some world leaders to help us get better at every element within the system so it's exciting to be given a system on a platter that just works so we can rollout and we can plugin and roll that out straightaway with our clients and I'm excited because Daniel has tried this, he has experimented with it, he has tweaked it and he has got it to the point where it’s now refined where we can simply apply and start attracting clients straightaway, so I am excited and I just know this can give me an incredible injection of not only new clients but also assisting the clients that I have already got to achieve the result that I know that I'm working with them to achieve, so I love it. It's been an incredible day and Daniel really is the real deal. He knows what he's talking about, he has got the result and it's been an absolute pleasure.

Chris Jackson
+£500,000 In Revenue

"Over the past five months of applying Daniel's Emotional Intelligence strategies, I have increased my monthly revenue by more than £50,000 every month"

Janet Shreeve
Operation Cancelled

"I can definitely recommend this! I have not suffered from gallbladder pain since Daniel and I completed our one to one session! 

I was facing surgery next month and  I am elated to say that I am meeting my surgeon next week to cancel my operation"

Kerry Moran
5 New Clients in One Week

As a result of the techniques Devesh learned at the event, he gained five new clients in a week without spending any money on advertising. He simply found that the way presented himself attracted people to him. 

This, along with a renewed sense of direction and productivity, bolstered his business towards much greater success. Now, he is ready to leave his job and work full-time on his business. He has seen his income multiply while only working about a quarter of the hours that he used to. This gives him the free time to do what he loves every single day. 

Devesh Kumar

No More Negative Self-Talk

The NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques that James did at the event helped him identify the mental and emotional blocks,  that were holding him back. James realized that his negative self-talk was distracting him. His exhausting negativity was slowing him down as if he were driving with the handbrake on.

Through the Business Coaching, James learned to deal with his mental bocks and let go of his self-limiting beleifs. Without the negative self-talk draining his energy, he became energized, confident and focused. He was no longer afraid to go after what he wanted. 

James Kenyon

190% Profit Increase in 90 Days

After completing the course, Kylie is a more confident leader. She has implemented time-saving strategies, such as using technology to train her team, to make time for her personal life and more profitable activities. Without spending any more of her time, she has inspired her team to improve their performance. 

As a result, her profits jumped an astounding one hundred and ninety percent (190%) in three months. Her profits continue to grow by ten to fifteen percent (10% - 15%) monthly increase ever since she started applying what she had learned through the FocalPoint business coaching. The course was definitely worth it! 

Kylie De Brias Backer
Increased Confidence

Using the tools he has learned, with the support of weekly follow-up calls from his coach, Lukas has experienced an increase in energy that has yielded extraordinary results. In his business, the quality of his clients is increasing as bigger accounts are replacing his smaller clients. Lukas believes his business is a direct reflection of his own beliefs and personal growth, so it’s no wonder that he is attracting better clients. 
 Lukas is very focussed on making a difference for people and the planet. He spends much of his time sitting in front of a community garden made, educating anyone who comes by about how to live sustainably through gardening. In the past year and a half, he spoke with six educators and around 70 children about sustainability. With his increased confidence, his vision has grown. He is booked for over 40 days of public speaking this year. He will be impacting thousands of people with not only his knowledge but also his renewed energy and clarity of purpose. 

Lukas Ritson
Mental Blocks Identified

Lynne Meredith, a senior director with ARIIX, came to the Daniel Tolsons “Perform at Your Best” event, not really knowing the internal struggles she faced. After Daniel Tolson guided her in visualizing her future success, she felt a strong sense of purpose and clarity. Using techniques she learned at the event, she became more aware of her thoughts. She began to deal with her real, underlying mental blocks that she had never recognized before. 

By paying close attention to her thoughts, she realized that she had been telling herself that she was not successful and couldn’t reach her fullest potential. She was able to challenge these self-limiting beliefs and gain confidence in herself. Once she had come to believe in herself, she was amazed by how much she could do. One area where her newfound confidence shone through was in her networking. Before attending “Perform at Your Best,” Lynn had been nervous about approaching people. After the event, she made two contacts in one week. 
Lynne Meredith
She Can Now Stay Home with Her Children

Natasha has achieved great results by implementing these simple strategies in her life. One of her ugliest frogs was calling people that she thought might not like her products. After attending “Eat That Frog!” she knew that she couldn’t let this task wait any longer. Natasha shifted her mindset, thinking that she had something amazing that she wanted to share. She picked up the phone and gave all those potentially reluctant people a call. In completing this task, her confidence grew and she came to believe she could do anything. 
 The momentum Natasha found has carried her far. She is now able to stay at home with her kids while making a high income. Her positive energy is attracting other like-minded individuals, so Natasha feels a growing sense of community and a new type of energy around her. The follow-up calls from the Tolson Institute also give her support as implements what she had learned. Now, she feels that she and her business have begun to soar. 

 Natasha Black
Lifting People Up

Sarah is using the techniques she learned at “Perform at Your Best” to build her business and to help the clients she coaches. She has seen these techniques cause breakthroughs in her clients and raise their performance levels. She also shares the tools with her friends and family, feeling a sense of satisfaction from lifting people up and having an impact on her community.  
Sarah thought that Daniel Tolson, who ran the event that she attended, and his staff were very professional and genuinely wanted her and the other participants to succeed. She was impressed by their ability to help participants achieve outcomes they might not have even known they wanted before attending the event. She would recommend the Daniel Tolson and his FocalPoint programs to anyone. 

Sarah Morgan
Lonely on the Path

Darren had been taught from a young age that his goal in life should be to get a job with an hourly wage. Darren continued to struggle with this mindset as he started to work on his network marketing business. He felt like he had a mental block towards his network marketing business, and he had intrusive doubts about not being good enough to succeed as an entrepreneur. With these doubts in his mind, he procrastinated more and more, all the while knowing that success would require the confidence to put himself out there. Then, Darren started business coaching with Daniel Tolson.
Having Daniel as his mentor made Darren feel less alone on the less-traveled path of entrepreneurship. Knowing that he had a coach that would guide him if he ran into any difficulties gave Darren a major confidence boost. Now, he has the confidence to move forward, knowing that he has what it takes to get to the top. 

 Darren Harrison

4 Day Work Week

“After three weeks of support, Sue felt that she had built enough momentum and confidence to keep on going and achieving her goals on her own. Sue created an annual plan, broken down into monthly, weekly and daily plans. This has helped her to focus and maximize her time so that she is now able to take Fridays off and spend more time with her family every week.

Being a performance coach, she plans to share these life-changing strategies with others so that they, too, can experience the increased clarity and motivation that Sue has found. 

 Sue White

Poverty Mentality

To fix her concentration problem, she learned to write down her goals every week and focus on only one task at a time. When Daniel spoke of the importance of having a well-rounded life and spending time with family, Teresa realized she had been devoting too much time to her business. She decided to block off time for her family as well as her most important business tasks. She now gets to enjoy spending more time with her boys. 
Teresa found that the Time Line Therapy™ process she did at the event was particularly effective. She had been holding onto a poverty mentality as a result of growing up with poor, migrant parents. The Time Line Therapy™ process helped Teresa let go of those old feelings and thought patterns so that she now knows her worth. She has increased the prices for her products and is seeing the business grow as a result. Since attending Daniel Tolson’s training, Teresa is more focused, goal-oriented and strategic in all of her business decisions. Her business is growing and her family is enjoying more quality time with her, all because of the new strategies Teresa has implemented in her life.

Teresa Gratkowski

Fun and Practical NLP Coach Training

"Being trained by Daniel Tolson was a great experience. There was a lot to learn during the course and I found Daniels unique, fun and very practical style of training, was a great way for me to learn the skills of NLP. During the course I was also able to release some of my own negative emotions and limiting beliefs that I wasn’t even aware that I had. In the weeks and months after the course, the effects that releasing those emotions has had on me and my relationships, is nothing short of amazing!

Gaining the skills from this course along with the ongoing training in The Cadet Programme means that the decision to take this training, has not only had a great impact on my life and will continue to do so, it will also impact the many people that myself and the rest of the Tolson Institute coaches help to lead better lives and for that reason, for me, this course was priceless. I researched a lot of training providers before choosing to train with Daniel Tolson, and non of them provide training and after support like it. 

I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to become an NLP Coach or Time Line Therapy™Practitioner or simply wanting to change their lives! I am truly grateful! "

Craig Glaiser

£50,000 Per Year Increase

"Daniel is warm and friendly and puts you at ease during training so you can give 100% and get the most out of it.

I am going through my training at the moment but have already noticed a difference in my mind set and the way I view others and their view of the world.

Once I have completed the course and have built a client base the program will be worth a minimum of £50,000 a year.

Michelle Churcher
Instilled Confidence

Eat That Frog! has reaffirmed and instilled confidence that I need to go on and help all aspects of my life really business relationships and really it’s kind of emphasis the whole thing of putting things what to do everyday taken it bit by bit breaking it down chunk it down and stick it to your goals and so there has been a massive help for me and so when I am going towards the future I have a structure So thank you Daniel Tolson.

Barry O'Connor
Eat That Frog! 

Hi I’m Ali. I’ve attended Eat That Frog with Daniel Tolson today. He is a bad man hemade me cry. It’s helped me set goals for the future for me and my family. So definitely recommend Eat That Frog. Thank you.

Ali Williams
I'm A Changed Person

Hi my name is Katie May. I’m just at the NLP practioners training course. It’s changed me as a person. It’s changed the way I handle my clients. That’s worth millions to me. Yeah, I’m a changed person.

Katie May White 
One Million in Gold

Hi, my name is Vicky, I’ve just completed the certification with Daniel and Luke at The Tolson Institute. It’s been fantastic on every level as to how to be a coach I’ve had some amazing personal breakthroughs. It’s about the battle in my head that goes on between the parts of me that’s been fascinating. The course is worth more than far more than million gold. I’m going to wait what it’s going to bring in my future

Vicky Henderson
Shine Bright

Hi! My name is Renee Dodd and I’ve just been a part of Daniel Tolson’s perform at your best and its just a beautiful experience to be a part of The Tolson Institute and what I have taken from it is myself.Again he provides me with everything, shine the brightest that i can. To tell me what I’ve had inside 
of me to do whatever i want to be and do in life and be successful. I am so grateful. A brilliant facilitator, so much love he gives and the delivery of it is amazing as he has a beautiful voice that captulate you and really touches your heart so I think everyone would thoroughly enjoy to create the life that you want. Thanks!

Renee Dodd
Join the 3%
Leonie McCallum Good evening everyone, it’s about nearly 9:30 in Sydney on Valentine's Day and I have just had the mostawesome experience that I've had in about two or three years with any type of training that I have ever been to. So I have been with Daniel Tolson and we've been going through his $100,000 growth system and I just cannot say how incredible it has been and the impact it is going to make on my life and my business. Super excited to get home tomorrow so that I can get started and I had recommend it to any business coach out there, who really wants to get into that top 3% of business coaches.

Leonie McCallum
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