A real-life story of unlocking individual human potential and breaking through mental blocks.

A frustrated young boy becomes, against all odds, an Australian Champion Athlete and in the top 1% of Business Coaches Globally. 

It started when I was 9. Inspired by an old lady supporting the Salvation Army, I gave her 50% of my paperboy income and found my calling: someday, I’d be a doctor to help people – but first I’d have to overcome some internal battles.

You see, in school I couldn’t learn, read, hear or see properly. I kept being told I was stupid and I didn’t apply myself – my teachers failed to realise I was riddled with learning and physical disabilities.

Later I developed knee and hip problems. At 11, the pain was so striking, that one day I collapsed before my mother’s eyes. Doctors said I almost only had access to the left hemisphere of my brain and very little to the right one (child psychologists assessed my IQ with an outstanding result of 130 points, which is in the top 2% of IQ’s – whilst postulating I was only accessing about 5% of my right brain).

My head felt a constant intense pressure. My eyes didn’t work correctly. It was hard to process information sequentially. My spine was twisted, and many other problems resulted from it.

Indeed, life was a constant struggle. Various health problems, Epstein Bar virus, Chronic Fatigue, injury and major surgeries haunted me throughout the years. Easy things were always hard for me. Everything required a big effort – yet, I mostly kept my suffering and frustration to myself, so no one knew that, at 11, I decided to end my life.

Fortunately, I failed spectacularly: launching myself from the sidewalk straight into the next moving vehicle wasn’t helped by doing it at a zebra crossing. Also, as I jumped, the car I leaped out in front of was of a friend of the family. Remarkably, she stopped the car quickly, waved and said hello in such a special way, that I felt like God was saying to me, “you’ll be fine, Daniel, and you’ll be a big success, so just keep going”!

I kept going, but I kept struggling, being bullied, not making anyone happy, not fitting in, and having a disastrous relationship with my brother. I moved from one lousy job to another, until I scored another chance to turn the game around.

Life had made me good at something: wakeboarding. I got to be a 3X wakeboarding state champion, and competed with the world’s best at the X-games… but only until my many health problems kept up with me.

With my uncle’s support, I worked hard to become one of the top 10 Real Estate sales creators in Australia, in only 6 months, and was introduced to great minds: Brian Tracy, Og Mandino and Neil Jenman. Still, in 2002 I went back to my wakeboarding adventures: a nine-month journey of training in Europe, UK and the USA which brought me back to Australia with some broken ribs.

I worked for the family business and later co-founded with my brother Liquid Malisha, a clothing company that sponsored events, riders and created best-selling movies. Money and fame didn’t make me happy or fulfilled my potential, though.

In 2006, I got injured just six weeks before again trying to be Australia’s wakeboarding champion. For 6 weeks, I challenged the odds by using neuroscience to visualize my success – and I made it happen. I won and learned that, if I could again be the Australian champion, despite health issues, surgeries and lack of training, I could become a success at anything in life. 

That didn’t make things easy, though. 2007 was a bittersweet year for me. I went to Dubai as the first professional wakeboarder to train expats. I landed and instantly felt it was my place of strength and belonging. For the first time in my life, my mind and body were free from pain. Still, my brother shut me out of our business, leaving me without income, and I was in a toxic relationship. I felt anxious, alone, and depressed. 

My visa expired. I returned to Australia to re-group, get some money out of my business, and get another visa to return to Dubai. For me, Australia meant suffering, while Dubai felt like home. 

I did return to Dubai to enjoy success and the same toxic relationship… but business and relationship deception kept haunting me, forcing me to again leave Dubai – indebted, with no prospects, and an easy target for my disabilities.

Back in Australia, I felt embarrassed. People thought I was a mess. I fell into a deep dark pit that seemed impossible to climb back from… until I climbed out of it after remembering that I became Australia’s wakeboarding champion against all odds. I applied for a Cabin Crew job with Emirates, and earned a ticket back into Dubai, where I met my gorgeous wife while feeling happy, energized and balanced.

Sadly, in 2010 my wife had a severe accident on an aircraft. She had to battle pain, depression, isolation and legal battles for the following 2.5 years. We had to leave Dubai and I tried everything, afterwards. A money-wasting online business. My old flying job that wouldn’t take me back. 300 job applications that yielded nothing. I was like a zombie on anti-depressives: I had my wife and a 10-month-old baby to take care of, and no solutions.

Nini didn’t enjoy Australia, so she left with Nakita to Taiwan. I reacted and began building my coaching business – my way of fulfilling my calling to help business people, and of working from home to be with my family. I worked 15 to 17 hours every day to make it work, and then it failed. I sold everything we had in Australia, business equipment, surfboards and clothing to fund our return back to Taiwan. With a handful of amazing clients and a night-time TESOL job paying $10 an hour, I eventually started coaching full time.

My business grew rapidly and I created partnerships with Drs. Tad and Adriana James and Brian Tracy. Within months, I received the FocalPoint Rookie of the Year Business Coach (Globally). So far, I have influenced tens of thousands of people through my events in Taiwan, Sydney, UK and in the USA. And here I am today, enjoying success, after so many hurdles.

Bullying, rejection, criticism, self-limiting beliefs, mental blocks and fearing failure never stopped me. All the hardship I faced was an intensive boot camp that made me stronger and more determined than ever to be successful.

I’ve led a team of 17,000 cabin crew members from 136 nations. I’ve helped thousands of business people to manage their time more effectively, remove self-limiting beliefs and make a lot more money. I’ve made it to the top 1% of athletes and business coaches in the world. 

Now, I’m a happy accomplished husband, father, friend and business man – and I hope that these words encourage you to relentlessly pursue what ever you seek to become and to become as happy and accomplished as I am today.

1980: Born In Windsor, Australia. My parents are from a lineage of farmers and street smart business people who have dominated business in our region for more than 60 years. 
1995: Off to the Debutant Ball. Any excuse to get suited up! 
1996: Waterskiers News, at this stage I'd already been identified for my ability to coach. 
2002: Home town hero! Ready to take on the worlds best at Wakeboarind World Championships.  
2005: Always in the magazines for my unique style on and off the water
2006: The third time I won the State Chmpionships for Wakeboarding.  I was know as Daniel "Danger" Tolson. My style and flair on the water was unqie. 
2006: Just a few minutes after this photo, I hit the land and busted up my ankle. This was 6 weeks out from the Autralian Chapmionships 
2006: Front Cover of Wake Magazine
2009: Filming for Liquid Malish's fourth film
"One SIze Fit's All" in the Phillipines 
1983: That is me on the left, raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, was an education in its self. 
1994: Living life on the Hawkesbury River waterskiing and Wakeboarding. 
2000:  Co-Founding Liquid Malisha. Our apparel and accessories were stocked in more than 50 Retails Out across Australia and Shipped Internationally. 
2004:  Taking Wakeboarding to the Streets with our portable Rail Jam. In the following years we entertained +25,000 Australians on the East Coast
2005: The Tolson brothers compared to the Cohen Brothers in Movie Production 
2006: Recognised for the Best Selling Wakeboarding Movie of 2005/2006
2007: The First Professional Wakeboarder In The U.A.E.
2007: Dubai, the place I will call home for the next five years
2008: Joined Emirates Airlines in Dubai, and Co-Lead a team of 17,000 Cabin Crew from 136 Nations till 2012. 
2009: The first time we met, I knew Nini was the girl for me. And she is so cute that it should be illegal.  
2009: Working inside of Emirates Airlines to assist victems of trauma move forwaard
2009: My Second Date with Nini and Doing Charity work at The Dhaka Project in Bangladesh with my Dad.
2012: Certified by Dr Edward DeBono as an Effective  Thinker 
2012: My Last Flight with Emirates Airlines Dubai
2013: +1500 Cabin Crew Trained On-Line
I believe in playing to your strengths. In 2013 I trained more than 1500 Cabin Crew in my on-line trainings. 
2014: Authoring my first book. The Five Principles of Success. 
A Business Owners Proven Path to Enhancing Performance Overcoming Obstacle and Making More Money.
2010: Although I was Coaching Wakeboarding since 2016, I had my first offical  Coaching certification in 2010
2010: The Tolson Institute was founded in Dubai.
2011: I Married my Sweetheart
2014: The Launch of Real Estate Agent Rescue. The result, countless real etstae agents doubling their performance and income. 
2013: Partnering with Drs Tad and Adriana James as I continue their legacy by certifying Business People in NLP,
Time Line Therapy™ Techniques and NLP Coaching.
2014: Having a lend of the Taiwan political campaign landed me on the news and Nini explaining my antics. 
2015: The Cadet Program launched and designed to develop the best NLP Coaches on the Planet 
2015: The Success Breakthrough was first held in Sydney Australia.
2016: Brian Tracy has delivered Perform At Your Best  to more than 1,000,000 business people, now I step in and train the next 1,00,000
2016: Showing Business People how to eliminate mental blocks and self limiting beliefs in Sydney
2016: Nini and I Showing Business People in the Farnborough UK how to DOuble their productivity, performance and output.
2016:  Nini and I  Showing Business People in Birmingham how to use NLP to increase Emotional Intelligence
2017: The Succeess Breakthrough Taiwan, was an excellent opportunity to share NLP and
Time Line Therapy™ techniques with Business People wanting to enhance their Emotional Intelligence. 
2017: My MVP's Nini (5 Months Pregnant) , Nakia,
Mui Mui and our British Short Hair is at home
2017: Sharing my Success Story with the press in
2017: The UK Division of The Tolson Instiute Coaches. 
2017: One of my most memorable success stories - Simone O'Brien. I showed Simone how to regain her confidence and speak from stage. 

2017: More Than 50 of Great Britains Most Successful Young Business People at The Business Breakthrough Manchester
2017: Recognition to Our Coaching Clients Who Have Increase Their Income by Upto 500%, Increased Emotional Quotient by upto 166% and Broken Through Mental and Emotional Blockages
2014: The Success Charity launched as my way to give back to aspiring business people who have been held back by disbilities.  
2015: One of my most early wins in Business Coaching 

We had a 75% increase in revenue in 60 days after coaching with Daniel Tolson" 

— Salmat Australia
2016: Partnering with Brian Tracy and Ib Moller to have
The Tolson Institute powered by Brian Tracy's FocalPoint.
2016: Eat That Frog! 1,000,000 Business People in the world have read the book and attended Brian Tracys training. Again I have stepped into Brians shoes and continue his legacy. 
2016: Fourty Two Business People shown how to Eat That Frog! in Manchester U.K.
2016: Bx 2016 was an amazing opportunity to share my  knowledge with positive and optimistic business owners in Sydney. 
2017: Out of a room of +200 of the most successful business coaches in the world, I delivered my Emotional Intelligence training in 2016/17 than all of them combined. 
2017: Recognised in the top 1% of FocalPoint
Business Coaches Globally.
2017: Servicing Our Clients in UK
2017: Training our Australian Clientele in Emotional Intelligence Strategies at The Business Breakthrough
2017: Tolson's Thirteen! Welcome to The Tolson Institute. We have Just Grown our Coaching Team in The United Kingdom by Thirteen New Business and Success Coaches, bringing us to a Total of more than 44 Coaches in our Team Across The Globe. 
If you would like to learn more about what is possible for you and your business, then we invite you to look at our signature programs to see what is going to be the best way for you to move things forward towards your goals and objectives.  It might be following your major dominant purpose. It might be doubling your sales.  It might be achieving an income goal of $30K, $50K, to $100K per month.  

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